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TonerTopUp supplies toner refills for laser printers, fax machines and copiers from the UK. We supply bottles of toner and laser printer refill kits to make refilling cartridges easy. Laser toner cartridges can be simply refilled several times to save you money. Environmentally friendly! We supply HP Hewlett Packard Brother Canon Epson Lexmark Konica Minolta QMS OKI Samsung Xerox laser refill toner and many other types!

affiliate sales programs

The TonerTopUp Affiliate Sales Program

You will find information about affiliate marketing in general and how our program fits in to this area of marketing on our Introduction to Affiliate Sales Programs Marketing page. This is a good place to start exploring our program.

This page specifically about our Affiliate Program is probably a good place to continue!

You will find a lot more detailed information on our Program in the form of answers to Affiliate Sales Program Frequently Asked Questions in our FAQ page.

The actual Affiliate Sales Programs Agreement shows the legal contract. (A bit harder going!)

Finally you sign up as an Affiliate on our registration form.

Sign up on the program now!

affiliate sales programs

Why should I join the TonerTopUp Affiliate Sales Program?

Our Affiliate program offers you a way to earn significant income by promoting our Toner refill products.

You will be promoting the environmentally friendly and cost saving practice of refilling toner cartridges.

As well as being a source of personal income, it can be an ideal fund raising activity for many organisations. Charities, Schools, Churches and Clubs can all benefit.

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What commissions will I earn from the TonerTopUp Affiliate Sales Program?

The rates are 12% on sales made using your own Affiliate Code, plus a further 8% on sales made by your first level downline, plus 2% on sales made by your second level downline.

All the commissions are paid on the "scaled" sales value associated with the particular product. About 70% of our refill toner products have 100% scale factors and on these we pay the full maximum % commissions totalling 22% of the sales value split between the three affiliates who may have contributed to the sale.

Because the profit margins are smaller on some of our products than on others, we do not pay the same commission on them all. In order to pay the maximum amount that we can afford, we apply a scale factor to the sales value to arrive at the commissionable value of the sale. Each product has a "scale" factor of either 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%. It is calculated using a fixed formula according to our profit margin for the product.

We pay full maximum commissions totalling 22% (Scale factor of 100%) on about 70% of our bottled refill toner products. That is we pay 12% to the first level Affiliate, 8% to the second level Affiliate and 2% to the third level Affiliate.

This enables us flexibility to offer customers products at tighter margins if necessary and yet pay really good commissions where we can afford it.

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What sales qualify for commission?

The commissions are payable on all sales made on the website at the normal web price. Commission is not payable where the client buys at a trade or other discounted price. The commission is not paid on the cost of post and packing or carriage where these are separate items on the invoice nor on the Value Added Tax . (However if the customer is UK based and has free post and packing because the order is over £50 (GBP), then we do not make any deduction for post and packing in calculating commission.)

Where orders are taken on the phone and the customer is already on the database with a commission code, commission will be paid as normal. Unless new phone customers tell us the affiliate code of the person who has referred them to us, it is not possible for us to set up a new customer ordering on the phone for affiliate commission.

The web system will not allocate an affiliate code to an existing customer in the database even if the customer has followed an affiliate link. If you think that you should be earning commission on an existing customer, you may email us and we may add your affiliate code to the customer at our discretion.

Affiliate commissions are paid for the promotion of our products and we will only be sympathetic to changing your own account to include your own affiliate code so you receive commission on your own purchases if we have evidence from third party sales or your website(s) that you are effectively engaged in promoting our product to others.

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How do you track prospects I refer to your website from my affiliate link?

We track affiliate referrals in multiple ways to ensure we capture the affiliate links as effectively as we are able. We use:


Direct referral URL's

and then finally write the affiliate code to the customers record from where it is read for future orders.

For all prospects arriving at our website from an affiliate link we work as follows.

First we attempt to write a persistent cookie that will last for 12 months to their computer with your affiliate link in it. This is possible for the vast majority of computers accessing the Internet. A cookie will not be written if one already exists. It is the first referring affiliate that retains the prospect. The cookie marks the prospect for you so that if they become a customer, or sign up as an affiliate within 12 months, they will become your commission account and/or part of your downline on whose sales you will receive commission.

If this computer later reconnects direct to our site, or from another affiliate link, it is the affiliate code read from this cookie which will take precedence over any referring URL affiliate code and be used as the referring affiliate.

It will obviously also be used if the customers uses another different email address from the same computer and so effectively creates another, duplicate customer record in our database.

If the prospect has no cookie already then we use the affiliate code from the referring website.

If the prospect then places a first order with us, the affiliate code, and the corresponding father and grandfather affiliate codes, are written permanently to the new customer record stored against the email address as the unique reference.

Moreover, if the prospect signs up as an affiliate, then the referring affiliate code is written as his father code and the referring affiliate's father as the grandfather code. This is how we know to pay the second and third level commissions.

Once affiliate codes are written into a customer record, they remain there and commissions are paid indefinitely.

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When do you pay my commission?

After the end of each month we process commissions. We first of all cross check all the invoices logged in the web data base that have been paid or accepted as credit orders and mark them. We then run a process to evaluate all the commissions for active members. You can thereafter view your commission statement from your admin console. If the total commission due from this and any previous unpaid commission amount to £50 GBP or more, we pay the commission by direct transfer to your Bank account or to your PayPal account. This will be completed within 30 days of the month end.

Accounts that have earned nothing for 12 months will be closed and any commission still due over a minimum of £10 GBP will be paid at that time.

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Signing up

You sign up on the scheme giving us:

your contact details

and either a Bank Account details (UK only) or a Pay Pal account details into which we can pay your commissions.

You choose your own 5 character code which will be checked for uniqueness. This will be used as your unique identifier for the scheme.

You choose a password to protect the security of your information.

You will receive a confirmation email from our website to which you must respond to complete the process. This is to ensure your email address is yours and is valid.

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Sign up on the program now!

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Your Admin Console

You may then sign in at any time to your personal Admin console. It is password protected so that only you can access it. It allows you to access various tools and information:

Code Snippets for your Website

It provides you with code snippets to add to your website giving links to our Home page and our Product Selector page. The Product Selector page is where you select the Make and Model of printer in order to find the correct toner for the model. These are the links you will use to send visitors who may be interested in buying toner to our website.

It provides you with a code snippet to add to your website giving a link the registration page that you have just used so that you may refer visitors to sign up too. Visitors using this link will be your second level members (Your sons to use the family analogy!) You will be paid a second tier commission of 8% of the scaled value of orders placed using their link. Any people that they introduce will be your third level members (Your grandsons!) and you will receive 2% of the scaled value of orders placed using their links.

Edit the account details we have for you.

You bear the responsibly of ensuring that the details we have for you are correct. You may forfeit commissions otherwise payable if we cannot contact you or the Bank or PayPal accounts recorded are inactive.

Monitor your selling and commission

It provides access to your sales page where you may see a statement of your sales and commissions for the past month. This page shows both the raw and scaled sales figures as well as the commission for each level for the last closed month as well as the balance brought forward from the previous month and the balance that will be carried forward for the next month. If the commission balance is more than £50 GBP then it will be paid out to you during the month.

Monitor affiliate sales programs referrals that have come from your links

We track the source links of all visitors to our website. You can search our website database to find out the number of referrals we have recorded for any period you choose. This will give you useful feedback on the effectiveness of your referral website. Whereas commissions can only be shown after the end on the month, referral tracking is real time and can show results for any period.

Monitor your downline

The Member View form shows you the structure of your downline and enables you to monitor your performance in recruiting sub-Members. It also lists their email contact details so you can assist them in making the most of their membership if you so choose. (You will also be notified directly by email when a new one signs up.)

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What now?

You will find a lot more information in the form of answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ page.

Read the scheme Agreement showing the legal contract.

Sign up on the program now!

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